Riva Satya Radiansyah, Paulus Sugianto, Cindy Cecilia


In December 2019, SARS-CoV-2, a novel coronavirus was identified in Wuhan, China as a new Betacoronavirus. This new virus causes Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19). On March 12, 2020, the global Covid-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic. Clinical manifestations of Covid-19 can vary from mild and asymptomatic flu-like symptoms to acute respiratory distress syndrome and death. Currently, the Covid-19 pandemic is still growing. Researchers around the world are aggressively working around the clock to develop a vaccines against Covid-19. While production capacity may not be able to meet global demand for vaccines in the near term, it would be beneficial if the number of vaccines available is limited for emergency use and more vulnerable populations as soon as possible with the ultimate goal of distributing the vaccine globally to the entire population by the end of 2021. To develop safe and effective vaccines, preclinical and clinical trials must be carried out with caution to avoid severe side effects. In general, all vaccines have the potential to cause local and systemic side effects with varying degrees, as well as side effects in existing and previously used vaccines. Reactions are generally mild to moderate and resolve within a few days. Syncope is one of the adverse effects that can be caused by vaccine injection, but the post Covid-19 vaccines adverse event incidence is still small. However, we still have to be aware of these adverse effects because it can cause cardiac arrest and even death. We report a young female patient present with syncope after was given the injection of the Covid 19 vaccine. The patient even had apnea episode. It seems that proper protocols for administering vaccines are needed, in order to avoid unwanted events.

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