Viable Supply Chain Management Constructs and Company Sustainability Measures in Manufacturing Industry During COVID-19 Pandemic

Mohd Khairulnizam Zahari


Viable Supply Chain Management (VSCM) is a dynamically and structurally varying value-adding network able to behave delicately to positive changes, be volatile to take in negative events and retrieve after the disruptions and survive for a long time during global disruptions. VSCM is very important to the organizations in order for them to survive in a changing environment such as COVID-19 pandemic era. The main objective of this study is to develop a VSCM and company sustainability model. Authors review updated literature on VSCM research organized along two main themes: evolution of SCM considering as a set of practice, and its impacts to company sustainability. Two research questions are proposed in order to re-validate VSCM constructs: (a) Is the set of practices associated with VSCM valid as a whole? (b) What are the critical success factors of Viable Supply Chain Management (VSCM) that contributes to company sustainability during COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia?


Viable Supply Chain Management, Company Sustainability, COVID-19

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