Ahmed M Abdulsauid Abdullah, Norayati Nordin, Nilashi Mehrbakhsh, Eko Supriyanto


During COVID 19 pandemic, having the patients in the hospital after the critical treatment is very difficult and inconvenient due to the limitations of hospital’s facilities such as beds, and other devices which are constantly required to monitor the vitals, blood pressure, heart beat rate, Red Blood Cell (RBC) count , temperature and other health related data. Therefore, monitoring patients at home and uploading the data of patient’s medical condition to the hospital’s website is a very important factor in a pandemic like COVID 19. We propose a system to monitor the patients at home, which implements a wearable device capable of collecting some critical health related data leading to some diseases like respiratory attack, heart attack, the risk of stroke and so on. The device is also capable of redirecting the recorded data to a mobile application which is designed to detect the critical conditions of the patients based on the recorded heath information. The application is also capable of showing advance notification in case of imminent danger as well as contact the local hospitals or patient’s general physician in case of emergency. Therefore, beside the home monitoring system, the system is capable of successfully executing other emergency functions such as detecting the imminent danger for the patients, contacting doctors or hospitals in case of emergency as well as suggesting necessary guidelines or first aids to the patients for tacking the emergency condition. The system is also useful for the family to monitor the critical health conditions of the patients; but if the patient is facing severe complications or problems, then only the physicians can make the decisions for the patient’s treatments.

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