Lantip Muhammad Dewabrata, Suryanto Suryanto


The COVID-19 pandemic has created a crisis with severe effects on society, including for students around the world. Not only experiencing changes in learning patterns and methods, but also experiencing a decline in economic conditions both in their families and for themselves. This study aims to understand the picture of the resilience of outstanding students in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.  Resilience is very important to be explored as student capital to adapt and excel in times of crisis. This study uses a phenomenological approach. Research participants were selected using a purposive sampling method with the criteria for students who have an excellence Grade Point Average (GPA), experienced an increase in GPA, and/or have achievements in academic and non-academic fields during the pandemic. The conclusion from the data collection process shows that the picture of resilience experienced by students in facing a pandemic is being able to regulate emotions, control their desires, optimistic, empathize, and have self-efficacy. For further research, the authors suggest to conduct an empirical test of the effect of aspects of resilience that students have on academic performance in general.

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