Fatma Lestari


Pandemic COVID-19 influencing global health of all nations in the world. Pandemic COVID-19 prevention and control should be a combination strategy based on public health measures and disaster management. Indonesia’s population with more than 270 million population dispersed in thousands of islands, ethnicities, multi religions creates a unique challenge. This paper will describe Indonesia’s experience in Pandemic COVID-19 prevention and control from selected 34 provinces and national level. Methodology used in this research includes in-depth interview, focus group discussion and relevant documents from 34 provinces formal websites COVID-19 and National COVID-19 Task Force. Key informant was selected to ensure the validity of information and data accuracy. Qualitative data was collected by a selected facilitator and then data was analyzed using thematic analysis. A wide variety of traditional and local wisdom have been re-emerging to fight against COVID-19 as well as learning from previous pandemic. Several key lessons learned have been acquired from this research including a variety of local and traditional community-based approach, local solutions of public health measures, model for crisis management strategies and communication, and the importance of crisis leadership for COVID-19 control in Indonesia.

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