Venti Novriza, Fatma Lestari, Hendy Risdianto Wijaya


The Corona Virus or COVID-19 pandemic has infected countries all over the world, including Indonesia. The Indonesian government has published multiple regulations and health protocols that focus on preventing the contagious of the virus. Every business sector has been affected by this pandemic, including the construction business sector. ABC is one of the companies which works in the construction sector and have been prioritizing the means to prevent further spread of the virus, ensure the sustainability of their business, and protecting their staff from the disease by making sure they stay healthy. Even in the pandemic situation, the company is still running operations and have achieved their production target. To understand and measure how much has been done by the company in the internal implementation of the COVID-19 spread prevention efforts through referring to the health regulations protocol published by the Ministry of Labor Number M/7/AS.02.02/V/2020. This study also studies various other variables that are related such as: Staff activities in and outside of their home, their behaviors related to health lifestyle and choices, and their health conditions. This study uses a combination of cross-sectional study method and observation. The collection of data is used through an online media by questioning 269 staff of the company. Using the DK3N (National Work Safety and Health Council / Dewan K3 Nasional) questioner model which have been used on a previous public health research. Workers Health 78% healthy, not smoking, no symptoms nor complaints related to COVID-19. Activities inside home, 64,7% live in a conducive home which implement a healthy lifestyle. Activities at the office with risks of infection are identified and controlled. Healthy and Clean lifestyle, 71% often washes their hand, while 78% wear masks and keeps their distance (locally known as the 3M protocol). Clean and Healthy lifestyle outside of home: Exercising, getting enough sunlight, consuming vitamin c and herbals. 88% of the health protocol proposed by the Indonesian government through the Ministry of Labor’s policy number M/7/ AS.02.02/V/2020 and M/3/H.04/III/2020 regarding employee protection and business sustainability in the context of preventing COVID-19 spread has been well implemented and executed by the management of ABC company towards employees. This is confirmed no of COVID-19 case in this company during the period of January to April 2021. As of right now, vaccination efforts towards their employees are in progress.

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