Femmy Nurul Akbar, Risahmawati Risahmawati, Nurin Nadzifatil Fitriyah, Hari Hendarto


COVID-19 vaccination has been taking place in Indonesia since January 2021. Clinical Clerkship Student one of the health workers included in the first line of a vaccination target program. Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) is an important aspect of the implementation of vaccination programs that affect the success rate and trust from users to the benefits of Covid-19 vaccination, especially in Indonesia. This study aimed to determine the adverse event of following immunization COVID-19 vaccine among clinical clerkship students at Faculty of Medicine Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta. This was cross-sectional survey methods conducted between February and March 2021 through the collection of data in the form of questionnaires validated by multiple-choice models that included the characteristics of the subject and adverse events. Sinovac Vaccine was used in this study. Sinovac Biotech vaccine is an inactivated virus material that can trigger an immune response. There were two doses of injection while the second dose injection after two weeks. An adverse event was evaluated 3 times first after 30 minutes, second after 24 hours, and third times after the third day. The characteristics of this study from a total of 225 subjects were 73.3% female, 26.7% of male, age range 20-25 years old, history of allergy 35.6%, history asthma 3.6%, history gastritis 0.4% and other chronic diseases 0.4%. History of confirmed COVID-19 positive after 3 months was 5.8% At the first dose of vaccine no adverse event (64.4%, 67%, 88%), pain at the site injection (24.4%, 19.6%, 7.6%), malaise (4%, 0%, 1.3%), dizziness (13.3%, 16.9%, 4%) , headache (1.8%, 2.2%, 0.9%), chills (0%, 1.7%, 0.9%), and feeling hungry (0.4%, 0%, 0%) were the most commonly reported adverse events of the first vaccination in the first 30 minutes, 24 hours and third day, respectively . At Second dose no adverse events (67%, 72.42%, 87.62%), pain at site injection (27.1%, 17.82%, 9.32%), dizziness (8%, 9%, 2.7%) , malaise (4%, 4%, 1.8%), headache (1.3%, 1.3%, 1.4%), and chills (0%, 0%, 1.33%) were the most commonly reported side effect on the second vaccination within the first 30 minutes, 24 hours and the third day, respectively. No one respondent reported feeling hungry after the second shot of vaccination. All the adverse events that happen are generally mild, none of them needed specific treatment or to be hospitalized. The most common adverse event of the Sinova Biotech COVID-19 vaccine among clinical clerkship students was pain at site injection, dizziness, malaise, headache, and chills. All the adverse events were generally mild. Further studies on the incidence of adverse events following immunization of COVID-19 vaccination with another type of vaccine is important to increase coverage of the vaccine program in Indonesia.

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