Zafirah Ab. Muin, Maimunah Sapri


The situation of global COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically disrupted the growth  of the global business across the world. Many organisation have had to adapt  throughout the pandemic to survive in the long run. Thus, this paper highlighted the needs  for effective facilities management (FM) strategies as an approach in positioning mosque  function. It aims to demonstrate the strategy of FM service delivery in the mosque during  the unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. This study focuses on a  comprehensive review of current literature on COVID-19, FM and mosque building  together with the content analysis of credible media updates. The study critically  synthesizes knowledge on the pandemic to position a view on the FM formulation within  mosque service environment in delivering good service to the community during the  pandemic. FM approach has been recognised as a supporting service and played a key  role in ensuring business continuity either for-profit or non-profit organisation. But as the  pandemic took hold, this role had to quickly adapt to meet the growing changing  environment. Various significant efforts are being made by the government, however,  positioning FM as one of the approaches is void. There appears to be a lack of intention  for a strategic FM plan in a mosque to overcoming the issue of the pandemic. Hence, to  create a conducive environment and uplift a mosque as the place for the community in  the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, interventions of FM strategies are at stake.  Contribution of knowledge and practice of FM field by proposing the interventions of FM  strategies will assist mosque facilities managers in the fight against the COVID-19  pandemic.

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