Hassan Haithm Al-Radhi, Eko Supriyanto


During COVID-19 pandemic people in the hospital need to be monitor and to ensure that the number of people inside the premises or the hospital is not more than the standard number. In order to insure this system, low cost and wearable system are proposed to comply the requirement. We use the Quick Response (QR) code and Global System for Mobile (GSM) signal as input to detect the patient/staff location, so every room need to be detect with QR code or just use the mobile phone application, this technology will complement others, so that we will know the movement of the patient or the people in the location corrected by the QR code, the conversion of this will make the accuracy of location higher, so firstly we develop a software to detect the QR code and to read the signal of the GSM, secondly we develop a hospital map to relate the result from the map, QR code and GSM. We use python to develop this application and the system will be connected to the smart hospital software so it can be used for the patient and staff visualization in 2D view. The result of system evaluation showed that the system is effective and applicable to be used is hospital to detect patient and staff location with very low cost situation. The system is potential to be implemented as a location visualization system to help the patient and staff during COVID-19 pandemic.

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